Emerging from the shadows, the hawker will always be behind you and will always be ready to strike at any given moment, this vicious class has low defence although very high attack speed. The Hawker only fears one class, the Soldier which has too much defence for the Hawker to even touch the Soldier. Although the hawker cannot defeat Soldiers they're specialty is to annhilate Dealers and Muses

Official Description Edit

Hawker's are one of the four basic classes of R.O.S.E

Hawker's rely both on their movement speed and attack speed. The fact of this gives them the ability to Hit And Run. With their fast movement speed they can chase down as well as run away from enemies. This very fact makes it very hard for people to kill Hawkers. When you reach a certain level Hawkers have the ability to stealth, this is their greatest technique. It makes the user go invisible and is easily able to sneak around places very useful for escaping and surprising enemies.

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